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Education: our path to prosperity 

In January, President Obama proposed a program to fund community and vocational education. America's College Promise, would cover students' tuition for qualifying community college programs, so long as students maintain a 2.5 GPA.  I strongly support this initiative and look forward to lending my voice in favor of its implementation.

I believe in this basic truth: education is the path to prosperity.  Any American who wishes to achieve more can work toward their goals with this program; whether those goals include technical or community college. This widens the circle of people who can go to college by making higher education accessible, potentially without debt. Student loan debt is crippling – in Washington State alone, the average student now graduates with nearly $25,000 in loans. We rank 33rd in the nation now, with nearly 60% of our students in debt.

I have served as a community college instructor. I believe in the essential role they play in our communities as centers of learning. When I taught history and political science, my students' age ran the gamut. Whether you are changing careers mid-life, interested in expanding your skill set within your current profession, or exploring your educational options as a high school graduate, the opportunity to learn at our local community and vocational colleges is essential to the growth and prosperity of our middle class. In Washington State last year, nearly 60 percent of public university students and forty percent of our baccalaureate graduates started at a community or technical college. http://www.sbctc.ctc.edu/

President Obama needs the support of Congress to fully fund and implement America’s College Promise. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, let us work together and recognize that education, job training, and building career opportunities are the most effective means of growing our nation’s economy.

 As your Representative in Congress, I will support full funding of this legislation.  Last year, Washington’s community and technical colleges and their former students added $11 billion to our economy. Imagine how many more of our citizens could participate and grow our economy with the America’s College Promise program. This is how we begin to rebuild our middle class and ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in this economy.

I'm running to be your Representative from Washington's 8th Congressional District. If you agree with me, help my campaign today. Sign up to volunteer, make a contribution of whatever you can, and include your friends, neighbors and family in what we are doing in this campaign.

Thank you,


Jason Ritchie



Committee to Elect Jason Ritchie
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